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All residents and attendees of the pool please be advised,


Anyone caught with glass will be subject to $100 fine, being restricted from pool access, and can be charged for the FULL COST OF DRAINING & CLEANING in the event broken glass is found.           Draining and cleaning the pool due to broken glass can be a costly and long endeavor affecting everyone’s opportunity to enjoy the pool in the heat of the summer.

We ask anyone who sees someone with glass in the pool area, notify the pool attendant and/or board immediately.  The HOA will be checking security cameras and fob access records to identify any violators.

It is imperative that glass of any sort is kept out of the pool area for the safety of everyone.

Thank you, Adams Point HOA Board

Submit Before You Commit…ARC Approval is Required

Spring is here and it is often the time of year homeowners  consider making changes or additions to their property (home or landscaping).  An Architectural Request to Change (ARC) form is required for any changes.

The covenants serve to protect the interest of all homeowners for now and the future.  This requires each homeowner to abide by the covenants and SUBMIT an Architectural Request to Change (ARC) form for any exterior additions or modifications to their home or property.  There are strict standards that may affect the changes you want to make, and they require written approval by the HOA Architectural Review Board.  Written approval ensures your investment is compliant with the covenants and will not be charged as a violation; or require potentially costly changes on your behalf.

We urge all homeowners to “Submit Before You Commit”; submit an ARC request prior to making any changes to the exterior of your property.

ARC forms are available online or you can contact our management company, Community Association Management, LLC.