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Adams Point Residents,

Recently there have been several incidences involving trespassing at the pool.  The pool is owned and operated by the Adams Point Homeowners Associated, Inc., it is private property.  Anyone entering the property without a fob, prior to operating hours or after operating hours is trespassing.  This includes the parking area as well as the playground area.

This morning our security cameras recorded two males, one jumping the fence and letting the other in prior to operating hours.  We are investigating this incident and looking into damage done.  After review of previous security footage, we identified the same two individuals, jumping the fence, on previous occasions, June 29th and July 3rd.  Also, on July 5th security cameras recorded three teen boys jumping the fence at 3:32am.

The board will be notifying the Johnston County Sheriff’s department.  The security footage from the incidents will provide the information needed to pursue charges and recover funds to cover any damages.

The Pool Hours are 6:00am to 10:00pm with proper access.  Trespassing will not be tolerated and the board will pursue prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone with information relating to these incidences is asked to contact the HOA board.