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Street Light Upgrade

Adams Point Residents,

Duke Energy  will start upgrading the street lights to LED in phases within the next month.

Earlier last year,  the board requested Duke Energy make sure any newly installed lighting, or lights being repaired, have LED installed.  The board has initiated the transition of the entire neighborhood street lighting to start as soon as possible.  There will be three phases encompassing various groups of streets, oldest to new.

The LED lighting conversion will provide a cleaner form of lighting, and an anticipated savings of over $5000.00 annually after the 2 year break-even point.

Better lighting and energy savings with a positive return.

Your board and neighbors.

Lighting Update

Re: Adams Point Street Lights


The HOA has been diligently pursuing the installation of street lights to complete all areas of the development. Please be aware this responsibility falls on Duke Energy Progress, who is currently working to install the planned lighting. They have, however, encountered an issue with the availability of the poles used in Adams Point. The poles are Special Order items and are currently out of stock.

We have asked Duke Energy Progress to install temporary light poles to promote neighborhood safety while we await installation of the needed poles, and they have agreed to do so. The recent inclement weather challenges have delayed the start of Duke Energy Progress installing the temporary poles, but they are expected to perform this function in the near future.


Your HOA Board / Your Neighbor