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Regretfully, several homeowners have been taking advantage of the playground entrance to the pool to allow unauthorized people into the pool facility. This new information, coupled with the damage to the gate at the playground, caused by individuals jumping the fence has required the board to make the decision to close this gate permanently. Access to the playground will now only be made via key fob from the playground’s main entrance.  The HOA cannot allow unauthorized pool access and damage to our property to continue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Pool Season 2019


The warm weather is here and we couldn’t be more excited about the start of the 2019 pool season! As previously announced, the pool is slated to open on Saturday, May 18th.  The board has been working on many  enhancements for the pool facility which include the following:

1- Replaced the sand filters to ensure the cleanest pool possible.

2- Upgrades to the chemical treatment system to include automated chlorine/PH testing, and an automated chlorine application system which requires limited human intervention. This will help reduce the usage of chemicals, reducing cost. This also ensures proper chemical levels during all hours of the day. The levels will also be monitored remotely via WiFi by the board of directors and your pool committee to ensure quality. 

3- A leak was fixed that was reducing water levels, drastically saving on water waste and cost.

4- The pool deck lights have been upgraded to a brighter light to enhance nighttime safety. 

5- 6 new tables and 24 fanback arm chairs have been purchased to supplement the current level of seating and replace several broken tables. Additionally, hail has damaged about half of our existing furniture. Options are being explored for replacement of these items. In the short term, homeowners may bring their own chairs to use. Once the broken furniture has been replaced, homeowners will need to leave their chairs at home or in their vehicles.

6- 5 dead palm trees have been replaced with new healthy trees. These new trees have been placed on a care plan with a professional palmetto tree company who will help prevent damage during the colder winter months. 

7- The pool side gate is an “Emergency Exit Only”!
This has been mandated due to issues with non-resident access and, above all, the safety of unattended small kids exiting into the parking area. Typical to most public pools, the main gate serves as a control access where all residence are required to use their assigned fob and sign in. After meeting with county inspectors and safety specialist the “Emergency Exit” gate will be equipped with an operational guard, security monitoring camera and an alarm. By-passing or tampering with emergency exit equipment is a violation and can result in fines and loss of pool access for the season.

We hope you all have a safe and fun summer! Don’t forget the sunblock! 

POOL CLOSING – Sept. 16th.

Planning the pool closing is like the Titanic trying to avoid an iceberg, everyone knows it’s out there but you can’t really see it.

The pool will be closing September 16th.  We hope everyone enjoys the time left in the extended pool season; most NC pools close the day after Labor Day.  We aren’t expecting icebergs in the pool, and it would be great to keep it open till Thanksgiving, but it is better to play it safe.

If we experience severe weather, like a hurricane or heavy snowfall, the pool will close sooner and not re-open.

Your Adams Point HOA Board


Adams Point Residents,

Recently there have been several incidences involving trespassing at the pool.  The pool is owned and operated by the Adams Point Homeowners Associated, Inc., it is private property.  Anyone entering the property without a fob, prior to operating hours or after operating hours is trespassing.  This includes the parking area as well as the playground area.

This morning our security cameras recorded two males, one jumping the fence and letting the other in prior to operating hours.  We are investigating this incident and looking into damage done.  After review of previous security footage, we identified the same two individuals, jumping the fence, on previous occasions, June 29th and July 3rd.  Also, on July 5th security cameras recorded three teen boys jumping the fence at 3:32am.

The board will be notifying the Johnston County Sheriff’s department.  The security footage from the incidents will provide the information needed to pursue charges and recover funds to cover any damages.

The Pool Hours are 6:00am to 10:00pm with proper access.  Trespassing will not be tolerated and the board will pursue prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone with information relating to these incidences is asked to contact the HOA board.

Pool Opens May 19th

YES…GET YOUR SWIM TRUNKS OUT, the pool will be open on May 19th.  The same time it has opened for the past 3 years, plus or minus a day or two.
Opening the pool involves more than just opening the gate.  There is a lot of preparation by the board, pool committee and pool company, and inspections have to be completed before opening.  Every year the weather is somewhat different with a late or early spring always affecting how fast the water comes up to temperature.  In the past week we have seen it get very hot, and last year it was still very cool at this time.
Everyone is working hard to get things into place for the coming season.  Please know the pool committee is made up of volunteers and they can always use help.
We look forward to everyone having a safe and pleasant summer by the pool.