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Regretfully, several homeowners have been taking advantage of the playground entrance to the pool to allow unauthorized people into the pool facility. This new information, coupled with the damage to the gate at the playground, caused by individuals jumping the fence has required the board to make the decision to close this gate permanently. Access to the playground will now only be made via key fob from the playground’s main entrance.  The HOA cannot allow unauthorized pool access and damage to our property to continue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Neighborhood Playground

Re: Playground Addition By The Pool House

We are excited to announce we will be breaking ground on a community playground in the upcoming days. It will be located adjacent to the pool house, near the intersection of Fieldtrial Circle and Sporting Club Drive.

The vendor selected, Playgrounds of the Carolinas, was chosen after an exhaustive process and unanimous Board approval. Criteria included price, warranty, and overall durability.

While neighborhood children will be the final critics of the new structure, we hope parents and the community as a whole will appreciate the added value this feature will bring to Adams Point for many years.


Your HOA Board / Your Neighbor