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HOA Management Company Website Information

As you receive your introduction to Community Association Management (CAM) in the mail, you may have a few questions.  First, let us clarify that the website you are familiar with, www.adamspointhoa.org, will continue to be your go-to place for community updates and information.  The CAM Website for Adams Point, on the other hand, will be where you go to pay your HOA dues, report a violation, submit an application for architectural approval, and the like.

In the letter you received in the mail there are instructions for registering with CAM using the account number provided.  In order to register, please go to the adamspointhoa.org home page and follow the link to the CAM Website for Adams Point.  From there you can use the directions you received on the flier entitled, “Introducing our HOA Website…Created to Help You Stay Informed”.

If you have any further questions, you may use the Contact Form and we will be happy to help.

Your HOA Board

Transition to Community Association Management

Adams Point HOA Members

Your board is happy to announce that effective today, we have completed the transition to the new management company, Community Association Management.

Members will receive a letter in the mail within the next few days regarding the change and information on accessing your account online.  Please know that the current Adams Point website (adamspointhoa.org) will continue to be the HOA primary website; this is owned and operated by the HOA directly.  Members will access their accounts through a link on our website and through that link you will connect to various tools associated with managing payment of your assessments as well as making inquiries directly to the management company. We look forward to members receiving a new level of service and access which will continue to enhance and grow our community.

The board appreciates your patience during this transition.

Your HOA Board/Your Neighbor

HOA Management Change

Adams Point HOA Members,

Our community has grown considerably over the past few years, and with growth comes added challenges and change.  Kohn-Ell, originally established as the management company by the declarant, has served as our management company since the creation of the development.

Kohn-Ell has played a key role in managing the business of our development and guided the board through many different situations over the years; however, the time has come for the HOA to employ a management company that can meet the growing demands of our community.

After extensive research and numerous interviews, the HOA Board elected to employ Community Association Management as the HOA management company for the coming year.  Effective December 1st, Community Association Management will start taking over the duties as our HOA management company.  Members will receive additional information in the next few weeks.

We look forward to the membership realizing the many anticipated benefits of this change in management and ask for your patience during this transition.

Your HOA Board/Your Neighbors