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Berm Revitalization


Some concern has been expressed regarding the level of pruning taking place on the berm along Old Drug Store Road.  While our previous landscaping company provided great service to our community for many years the board of directors was instructed by the membership, through a vote during our last member meeting, to review current bidders every three years.  The board of directors used this opportunity to seek out a landscaping company with a higher level knowledge of botany; the board is also adhering to the requirement of contractors providing proof of insurance.  After several months of research and bidding from various companies the board elected to award our landscaping contract to Precision Edge Landscaping of North Carolina.

Precision Edge Landscaping is fully bonded and insured. The company’s owner has nearly 15 years of experience in landscaping.  He is licensed by the North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board, holds a NCDA & CS Pesticide Applicator License, and has also received extensive training through NC State University. The board trusts his instinct and advice when it comes to botany and other general landscaping matters until the company proves otherwise. 

For years the community berm along Old Drug Store Road was maintained at a reasonable level, but it was discovered that it suffered due to disease and various levels of over growth.   Precision Edge, along with your board of directors, has developed a plan to revitalize the berm to it’s intended level of beauty.  This required pruning back many bushes and trees due to their health and the overall health of the berm.  The board of directors and Precision Edge Landscaping have devised a plan to replace dead vegetation with new plants. Since many of the bushes and trees were cut back, mother nature has begun to sprout new growth. Weather permitting, we are optimistic that by next spring or fall, we will see meaningful growth and the berm will be approaching its full potential.   

Your HOA Board

Berm Management Required by Members

The berms and various other areas within our development are maintained by the HOA; these are typically identified as common areas.  The berms associated with those homeowners along Old Drug Store Rd. are unique because their property actually extends to Old Drug Store Rd., per Johnston County GIS, however the berm and the roadside area are maintained by the HOA.

The HOA maintains the berm from the pine needle area (identified as the established contour/pattern) to Old Drug Store Rd.  The homeowner is responsible for their property (mowing and general care) up to the edge of the pine needles.  If a homeowner chooses to add ground cover, pine needles or other, to the established berm, then the homeowner is responsible for any addition.

The previous landscaping company may have mowed or maintained portions outside the established berm, thus homeowners should be aware they are responsible for their portion of the berm, i.e. up to the established pine needles.