Pool FAQ

How can I obtain a pool key if I own my home?

How can I obtain a pool key if I rent my home?

What happens if I lose my pool key?

  • You will need to contact CAM to request another key. Each family is supplied 1 key; replacements or additional keys are $20.

When is the pool open?

  • Starting May 16, the pool is open from 6am-9am for adults only, and from 9am – 10pm for all in the community.
  • No one under 21 is permitted in the pool after dusk without parental supervision. The first violation of this rule will result in a $100; a second offense will result in pool access being revoked for the remainder of the season.

Can my teens go to the pool without me?

  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult resident (18 or older). Resident children age 15 or older are allowed up to two guests age 15 or older without being accompanied by an adult resident.
  • Also see after dusk access when the pool is open.

What kind of swim diapers do I need for my child?

  • Swim diapers are not allowed, rubber diaper covers are required.

What is it with that mushroom thing?

  • The mushroom feature has been a challenge to maintain due to numerous problems with the motor. In an effort to minimize the potential for another motor failure the mushroom is now on a set timer. The timer starts at either 11:45 or 12:45 and runs for 15 minutes.

How do I rent the pool house?

Where are the pool rules?

I have friends coming over this weekend, can they use the pool?

  • The pool rules state each household is allowed one guest family.

Can someone from outside of the Adams Point community buy into the pool?

  • No, the pool and Adams Point amenities are reserved for residents only.

What are the dimensions of the pool?

  • The pool is 75’-1 x 91’-0” with a total volume of 124,945 Gallons

What are the responsibilities of the pool attendant?

  • The pool attendant is responsible for ensuring members check in, make them aware of the rules, report to the board any activity that is a violation of the rules, restrict those prohibited from using the pool and non-members from access, maintain the pool system and bathrooms.