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If you have a trampoline, take it down!!!  They will fly and you can be liable.

Putting your trampoline against the house or tying  it down WILL NOT keep it from flying. 

Take down any trampolines so they don’t become a flying hazard!

Your Adams Point Board and Neighbors.

Florence forces pool closing!

Adams Point Residents,

The looming threat of Hurricane Florence has forced us to close the pool early. 

Wednesday morning the pool will be closed.  The pool company will start securing the furniture and preparing the pool for the storm and winter.

Please prepare for Florences arrival and stay safe.

Your Adams Point Board and Neighbors.

Hurricane Preparedness A Must!

Fellow Neighbors & Residents of Adams Point,

It is still early to truly predict the path and level of impact of Hurricane Florence, however it is important for everyone to prepare.  We realize there are many of our neighbors that have moved here from other parts of the US and never experienced a hurricane.  We wanted to encourage everyone to take it seriously.  For those of us with a long history in NC, we have seen the unexpected and the worst in such storms.

Please start preparing and be sure to monitor the forecast.  It is important to consider preparing for up to 14 days of supplies.  If Florence stays on the current track and maintains its strength when making landfall, it could have a significant impact.  In 1996 hurricane Fran followed a similar path to what we are seeing now and was one of the 10 most costly storms to strike the US, causing ~$2.5 Billion in damage in NC alone.  People were stranded throughout the area for 7-14 days, and longer in some areas, due to flooding and downed trees.

The board will be monitoring the situation and will make a decision to close the pool by Tuesday.  We want to have time to secure the pool area and all the furniture.

Our intention is not to scare anyone, but to make sure people are prepared and safe.  The following link is to the Johnston County Emergency Services Hurricane Preparedness site which provides  Eight Steps for Hurricane/Major Storm Preparedness“.   

As the site notes “It wasn’t raining when Noah started building the Ark!”

Friends and Neighbors prepare and stay safe, we will weather this together.

Adams Point HOA Board

POOL CLOSING – Sept. 16th.

Planning the pool closing is like the Titanic trying to avoid an iceberg, everyone knows it’s out there but you can’t really see it.

The pool will be closing September 16th.  We hope everyone enjoys the time left in the extended pool season; most NC pools close the day after Labor Day.  We aren’t expecting icebergs in the pool, and it would be great to keep it open till Thanksgiving, but it is better to play it safe.

If we experience severe weather, like a hurricane or heavy snowfall, the pool will close sooner and not re-open.

Your Adams Point HOA Board

Adams Point Community Yard Sale – Sept. 29th

Need to get rid of that creepy yard gnome?  Now is the time…

The Adams Point Community Yard Sale will be held Sept. 29th, 7am to 2pm (rain date is Oct. 6th).  Its a great opportunity to sell some of those things you don’t need any longer.

Please be sure to clear unwanted items from your lawn after 2pm.  Don’t let it become a yard ornament because it didn’t sell.

Happy Yard Selling!!

May your not so treasured items be highly valued by others.

Adams Point HOA Board