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Hopefully, you are enjoying this holiday weekend, celebrating and honoring America’s brave veterans. The Adams Point HOA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the men and women who have served our great nation! In recognition of the many Adams Point neighbors who are veterans and their families, during the last regular monthly board meeting, the Board of Directors was honored to approve funds for the addition of a 30 ft flagpole and American Flag to be added to the pool house. The HOA is in the final stages of selecting the company  to install the flagpole and it is expected to be added before the end of 2019. 

Once the pole has been installed, the HOA is seeking the assistance of a few veterans to help hoist the flag for the first time during an informal dedication ceremony. If you are interested, please contact the board of directors via CAM using the link below stating your interest in this particular event. Thank you to all of our Veterans for your sacrifice and dedication.


The Fall Yard Debris Dumpster has been placed in the pool parking lot! The HOA provides this amenity to help encourage our homeowners to begin cleaning up and beautifying their yards!  

Please only place organic yard debris in this dumpster. Please do not dump trash or your unwanted junk in this dumpster. 

Please keep in mind, abuse of this amenity will result in it’s forfeiture due to increased fees from the dumpster company. The dumpster will be under 24/7 security camera surveillance.

Once full, the dumpster will be replaced one time.


Adams Point HOA Members,

HOA SEMI-ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS are due JANUARY 1st and JULY 1st each year.

All assessments received after JANUARY 31ST or JULY 31ST will be considered late.  Late payments will have the late fee deducted first  from the paid amount, then the balance of the payment will be applied to your semi-annual assessment.

It is important to understand HOA assessments are due and must be received no later than the BUSINESS DAY of or prior to January 31st and July 31st of every year.  Statements sent to those members with an outstanding balance are produced on the first business day of the month due to ensure the statements reflects the most accurate balance prior to the month it is due.

The mailing of the statement does not relate to or imply a grace period or terms. ALL payments are consider late after the 31st of January and July.

Community Association Management, on behalf of Adams Point HOA, accepts several forms of payment: Check, Online Payments, and Bank Bill Pay. There is even a new APP for your phone so you can keep track of your account. You may search the recent community updates for information regarding this feature.

If you are mailing your payment, be sure to VERIFY THE CORRECT BILL PAY ADDRESS and mail your payment in plenty of time to allow receipt and processing on the BUSINESS DAY of or prior to the 31st of January and July.


Adams Point HOA
Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 848
Commerce, GA 30529-0016

Any delays in receipt due to mailing, resulting in processing of the payment after the 31st, will still be considered late.

Adams Point HOA Board

Community Yard Sale

Hi neighbors! Mark your calendars! AP Community Yard Sale is Saturday, Oct 5th! The pool parking lot will be available for anyone that would like to sell items there. Spaces will be determined on first come, first served basis so get there early! Please Note: Business soliciting will not be allowed in these spaces. If you have any questions in regards to this policy please contact CAM and they will refer your question to the AP Board.

POOL/Hurricane Dorian

After reviewing the current forecast track of Dorian, the board has decided to remove and secure the furniture from the pool deck. We have stacked the furniture under the covered area for the duration of the storm to prevent damage.

However, once Dorian passes, the long term forecast for our area indicates day time temps in the mid-upper 80’s with overnight lows in the low 70’s and high 60’s. Pending unforeseen circumstances, the board has elected to KEEP THE POOL OPEN once the storm passes until September 15th. Since the pool is the primary amenity in Adams Point, the board of directors understands that homeowners would like to utilize the pool for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of the pool furniture will likely remain stacked and secured the rest of the season until the pool is officially closed. Homeowners are welcome to bring their own beach chairs and loungers to use while at the pool during this time and must remove their furniture from the property prior to leaving the pool for the day. Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope this solution protects our community’s assets while also allowing members to soak in a few more rays before the summer is officially over!