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Yard Debris Dumpster October 19th, 2018

Adams Point Residents,

With the arrival of fall it is important to clean up any yard debris left over from the summer and storms.  Maintaining the beauty of our community by mowing your lawn, trimming bushes, replenishing ground covers, etc. is an important part of every residents responsibility as per the covenants, but even more so as a neighbor to others.

A dumpster will be available for community member use at the pool parking lot October 19th, Friday until full.  The container will be emptied and replace one additional time until full.  

Members, please make use of this service responsibly and report any witnessed abuse. The container will be monitored by camera and any abuse or improper disposal will result in fines to the resident caught in violation of these rules.

This dumpster is for YARD DEBRIS ONLY

ALLOWED: greenery, grass clippings, limbs, shrubs, small trees, leaves, and other organic material that is derived from your yard.

**Do not place plastic bags in the container. Empty any bags used to transport debris.

NOT ALLOWED: paper, boxes, plastic, chemicals, paint, furniture, mattresses, appliances/white goods, construction debris, household trash, or other non-yard generated waste/debris.


We hope this courtesy is of value to everyone.

Your Neighbors and HOA Board.

Street Light Upgrade

Adams Point Residents,

Duke Energy  will start upgrading the street lights to LED in phases within the next month.

Earlier last year,  the board requested Duke Energy make sure any newly installed lighting, or lights being repaired, have LED installed.  The board has initiated the transition of the entire neighborhood street lighting to start as soon as possible.  There will be three phases encompassing various groups of streets, oldest to new.

The LED lighting conversion will provide a cleaner form of lighting, and an anticipated savings of over $5000.00 annually after the 2 year break-even point.

Better lighting and energy savings with a positive return.

Your board and neighbors.


If you have a trampoline, take it down!!!  They will fly and you can be liable.

Putting your trampoline against the house or tying  it down WILL NOT keep it from flying. 

Take down any trampolines so they don’t become a flying hazard!

Your Adams Point Board and Neighbors.

Florence forces pool closing!

Adams Point Residents,

The looming threat of Hurricane Florence has forced us to close the pool early. 

Wednesday morning the pool will be closed.  The pool company will start securing the furniture and preparing the pool for the storm and winter.

Please prepare for Florences arrival and stay safe.

Your Adams Point Board and Neighbors.