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POOL/Hurricane Dorian

After reviewing the current forecast track of Dorian, the board has decided to remove and secure the furniture from the pool deck. We have stacked the furniture under the covered area for the duration of the storm to prevent damage.

However, once Dorian passes, the long term forecast for our area indicates day time temps in the mid-upper 80’s with overnight lows in the low 70’s and high 60’s. Pending unforeseen circumstances, the board has elected to KEEP THE POOL OPEN once the storm passes until September 15th. Since the pool is the primary amenity in Adams Point, the board of directors understands that homeowners would like to utilize the pool for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of the pool furniture will likely remain stacked and secured the rest of the season until the pool is officially closed. Homeowners are welcome to bring their own beach chairs and loungers to use while at the pool during this time and must remove their furniture from the property prior to leaving the pool for the day. Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope this solution protects our community’s assets while also allowing members to soak in a few more rays before the summer is officially over!

Hurricane Dorian

As many of you know, Hurricane Dorian has barreled across the Caribbean and is now approaching the southeastern United States.  To date, the forecast track for Dorian has been difficult to pinpoint and the potential impacts to our area are yet to be determined.  Even if the hurricane remains off the NC coast, the increased risks associated with high winds, tornados, and heavy rainfall could cause unsafe situations for our community. 

Currently, the HOA is researching our options in regards to securing the pool deck.  The decision must be made in a timely manner so that the proper vendors can make arrangements to assist.  If the weather allows, the pool is slated to remain open through September 15th.  However, an early closure of the pool for the season may be necessary to properly secure the pool furniture, which is an arduous task. While the board’s desire is to leave it open as long as possible, we must be responsible in protecting the community assets.  We will update the neighbors of our final decision once the track of Dorian is better understood and we can make the best decision possible. 

The HOA would like for our homeowners to take the same precautions with their homes. Please consider securing loose yard ornaments, trampolines, patio furniture, etc. as flying objects could pose a danger to you and your neighbors. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Neighbors,

The Adams Point Board of Directors

Pool concerns

Residents, as you know there have been several occurrences of accidental fecal releases in our Adam’s Point Pool. We wanted to share with you how these fecal accidents are handled and provide some suggestions on how to minimize the chances of future fecal releases. 
Whenever a fecal release occurs it is handled according to the CDC recommendations and NC Rules Governing Public Swimming Pools.  When a solid accidental fecal release occurs the pool is cleared of all swimmers, the pool chemicals are checked to ensure there is a minimum of 2.0 ppm of chlorine and a pH of 7.2-7.5, all fecal matter is removed from the pool and the pool remains closed for 30 minutes. 
Additionally, prior to this pool season, the HOA board took action to enhance the pool chemical monitoring and delivery systems with the installation of an automated chemical controller and feeder.  This system allows us to maintain and monitor the pool’s chemical levels 24/7 to ensure that we are always maintaining sufficient chlorine levels and the appropriate pH.  This helps ensure that fecal releases cause a minimal amount of downtime for the swimming pool and continuously maintain safe and sanitary swimming conditions.  

Ways to PREVENT accidental fecal releases:

  1. Have children use the bathroom before coming to the pool – ask them to attempt to go #1 & #2. Also speak to your children about the importance of proper pool hygiene.
  2. Have all children take bathroom breaks at least once per hour (the mushroom turns on/off once per hour to help keep track of the time).
  3. Anyone is who is not toilet trained should be wearing a secure fitting swim diaper; tighter is better and adding secure fitting plastic pants worn over a swim diaper are a recommended additional barrier of protection – & – see comments on sizing and fit. 
  4. Check diapers every 30-60 minutes and change diapers using the baby changing tables in the bathrooms.

For additional information please visit the CDC website for more information on healthy swimming:
Thank you in advance for everyone doing their part to help prevent accidental fecal releases in our Adam’s Point Pool. 



In an effort to give back to our local community the board of directors will temporarily close a portion of the pool on June 17, 2019 from 7:30pm until 10pm. Access to the pool itself will not be closed to homeowners, but the ‘deep end’ beyond the rope buoy will be restricted to use by the fire department. The board will also rope off that portion of the pool deck to restrict access of the area to only fire department personnel for training.

We appreciate your willingness to allow our first responders a few hours to train so they can better serve our neighborhood and surrounding community.

Best Regards,

AP Board of Directors


Regretfully, several homeowners have been taking advantage of the playground entrance to the pool to allow unauthorized people into the pool facility. This new information, coupled with the damage to the gate at the playground, caused by individuals jumping the fence has required the board to make the decision to close this gate permanently. Access to the playground will now only be made via key fob from the playground’s main entrance.  The HOA cannot allow unauthorized pool access and damage to our property to continue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.