ADAMS POINT,  A Covenant Restricted Community located in Garner North Carolina.

Our Adams Point neighborhood is a covenant restricted community which is managed by a Home Owners Association (HOA).  The HOA is a membership made up of the homeowners within the development; it is an association, not a service provider.  A five (5) member board, volunteers elected by the membership serve as the executive board for the HOA Association.

Community Association Management, Limited is our current management company which serves to facilitate the administrative duties of the HOA.

The covenants were created by the developer and serve to preserve the value, beauty and appeal of the community for the long run.  The covenants and by-laws identify the responsibilities of the HOA board which includes:

  • Enforcement and implementation of the covenants.
  • Fiduciary duties such as creating budgets, paying bills, utilizing funds accordingly for the upkeep and improvement of developed areas as funds allow.
  • Keep the membership informed of the business of the HOA.

Community Association Management, Limited operates as an administrator of HOA business under the direction of the HOA Board.

  • Community Association Management, Limited: does not make or interpret covenants, policies or rules, they only perform duties as directed by the HOA Board.
  • Community Association Management, Limited: manages the HOA accounts receivable and payable.
  • Community Association Management, Limited: administers collections.
  • Community Association Management, Limited: sends out notices and violation correspondence.
  • Community Association Management, Limited: acts as a communication hub for the board.