POOL/Hurricane Dorian

After reviewing the current forecast track of Dorian, the board has decided to remove and secure the furniture from the pool deck. We have stacked the furniture under the covered area for the duration of the storm to prevent damage.

However, once Dorian passes, the long term forecast for our area indicates day time temps in the mid-upper 80’s with overnight lows in the low 70’s and high 60’s. Pending unforeseen circumstances, the board has elected to KEEP THE POOL OPEN once the storm passes until September 15th. Since the pool is the primary amenity in Adams Point, the board of directors understands that homeowners would like to utilize the pool for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of the pool furniture will likely remain stacked and secured the rest of the season until the pool is officially closed. Homeowners are welcome to bring their own beach chairs and loungers to use while at the pool during this time and must remove their furniture from the property prior to leaving the pool for the day. Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope this solution protects our community’s assets while also allowing members to soak in a few more rays before the summer is officially over!