Hurricane Dorian

As many of you know, Hurricane Dorian has barreled across the Caribbean and is now approaching the southeastern United States.  To date, the forecast track for Dorian has been difficult to pinpoint and the potential impacts to our area are yet to be determined.  Even if the hurricane remains off the NC coast, the increased risks associated with high winds, tornados, and heavy rainfall could cause unsafe situations for our community. 

Currently, the HOA is researching our options in regards to securing the pool deck.  The decision must be made in a timely manner so that the proper vendors can make arrangements to assist.  If the weather allows, the pool is slated to remain open through September 15th.  However, an early closure of the pool for the season may be necessary to properly secure the pool furniture, which is an arduous task. While the board’s desire is to leave it open as long as possible, we must be responsible in protecting the community assets.  We will update the neighbors of our final decision once the track of Dorian is better understood and we can make the best decision possible. 

The HOA would like for our homeowners to take the same precautions with their homes. Please consider securing loose yard ornaments, trampolines, patio furniture, etc. as flying objects could pose a danger to you and your neighbors. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Neighbors,

The Adams Point Board of Directors