Pool Management against waterborne illness – closed Monday.

Pool will be closed Sunday evening at 10pm through Tuesday Morning or noon for hyperchlorination.

This strictly a precautionary measure; infection has currently been identified.  The pool will be treated and then will need to be brought down to proper chemical levels before reopening.

It is key that all pool attendees make sure they shower prior to swimming, avoid swimming if you have open cuts or wounds, skin infections, dermal issues, or sickness in any form; especially gastrointestinal illness.  Parents of young infants and Toddlers are asked to take extra precautions and make sure swim pants (plastic) are worn and no soiled garments are placed in the pool.

The precautions the pool company takes to prevent waterborne germs has not guarantee.  It is important to know such germs can be introduced from someone sick or ill, or having visited an infected pool; what is tested as clear today, can be infected tomorrow.

Recent news noted a number of North Raleigh pools having bacteria/germs that cause waterborne illness.   The rise in the   number of pools diagnosed, has caused all pools in the region to be extra cautious; to date, no pools in JOCO have been identified with such issues  The cryptosporidium germ is one of the primary germs identified and one of the most concerning.  The CDC has released a fact sheet to address concerns (see attached). cryptosporidium-factsheet

The Adams Point pool is closely monitored and checked hourly for proper chlorine levels; this is per NC Health Dept. regulations and documented.  The board has spoken with Aquatech, our pool management company, to make sure we are taking every reasonable precaution.

Please report any medical diagnosis of waterborne illness  to Community Association Management so we can take the proper action.